Employee’s Health and Well-Being

Humanities Program

Banco ABC Brasil believes that its greatest investment is its employees. The Bank cares for the well-being of its internal public and their families and to achieve this it created the Humanities Program (Programa Humanidades), a program that aims to promote a healthy balance between the employees’ professional and personal life. This is performed through educational sessions (webinars, online courses, and decompression moments), initiatives to support employee’s health (Dental Plan, Medical Assistance, and Gympass voucher), as well as a tool to provide comprehensive support to employees (Canal ABC com Você).

ABC with You Channel

ABC with You Channel (Canal ABC com Você) is a 24-hour employee support tool. It offers a range of professional services such as lawyers, psychologists, social workers, financial planners, and other professional assistance, in a confidential manner, to provide assistance in solving personal problems that can affect personal and family life as well as professional life.

This channel guides and provides support for problems such as:

  • Emotional: interpersonal conflicts, marital problems, mourning, anxiety, and fear;
  • Social: family issues, guidance on adoption, elderly care, child care, guidance on social security, death, access to rights and benefits for people with disabilities;
  • Financial: debt and financial planning; and
  • Legal: orientation in civil, criminal, and consumer law, renting contracts, divorce and separation, wills, and inheritance.

Besides these programs and tools, Banco ABC Brasil has also joined the Citizen Company Program (Programa Empresa Cidadã, Law 11.770/2008), a program in which participating companies extend maternity leave by sixty days and paternity leave by fifteen days. Currently, 100% of our employees adhere to extended leave. Aiming at contributing to the process of return from maternity leave, the Bank has a breastfeeding support room.