ESG at ABC Brasil

Banco ABC Brasil has been committed to environmental, social, and governance issues (known by the acronym “ESG”) since its establishment and has been working to improve the disclosure of its actions regarding the topic, as well as dedicating its best efforts to evolve in practices and initiatives that would contribute to the sustainable development of its activities.

In addition to internal initiatives, Banco ABC Brasil is also active in external forums, working groups (WGs), and programs related to the topic within financial institutions:

  • Participates in the Sustainability Commission (Febraban), whose mission is to disseminate concepts and foster sustainable development practices in the financial sector;
  • Participates in the WG for Climate and Green Economy (Febraban), whose objective is to bring to the knowledge of financial institutions the concepts and practices regarding climate issues and mechanisms for the adoption and promotion of a low carbon economy;
  • Participates in the WG for Forest Restoration Financing and Deforestation Risk Management (Febraban), which is responsible for identifying and evaluating models for financing forest restoration in line with the Brazilian Forest Code, generating new business opportunities and management mechanisms to mitigate risks for financial institutions;
  • Participates in the WG for Legal Demands and Risks (Febraban), which has the objective of dealing with regulatory demands and legal contents related to the Socio-environmental topic for the proper addressing of the financial institutions;
  • Participates in the WG for Contaminated Land (Febraban), whose responsibility is to deal with contamination in real estate hosted as collaterals, as well as to institute a standardized model to subsidize financial institutions in the management of urban real estate collaterals;
  • Voluntary adherence to SARB 14/2014 – Social and Environmental Responsibility (Febraban), which formalizes key guidelines and procedures to the social and environmental practices of its signatories in their businesses and their relationship with stakeholders; and
  • Coordinates the Socio-environmental Responsibility Commission (ABBC), which aims to disseminate sustainable development concepts and best practices to its members.

ESG Presentation

Banco ABC Brasil has a Social-environmental Risk manual that explores tools and procedures adopted to manage social and environmental risks in its operations. These guidelines are available in the “ESG Presentation” in a summarized form and can be accessed through the link below:

Click here to view the ESG Presentation.