ABC Group ensures its clients strict confidentiality.

Employees must keep client related financial, commercial and personal subjects secret and protected from third parties access, unless:

  • the client has given prior written consent for the disclosure;
  • disclosure is required by a court order or competent authority;
  • disclosure is required by law;
  • disclosure is necessary to protect the assets of ABC Group, such as disclosure to the police in case of suspected fraud (this case is subject to the Executive Board’s instructions).

In the aforementioned cases, the confidential information shall never be released without the Executive Board’s prior authorization.

Information related to negotiations and systems of the Bank, its subsidiaries and associated companies, must be kept under strict confidentiality.

All care shall be taken in respect of what is said and with whom you speak, write or communicate electronically and you must protect information related to the activities of ABC Group, limiting the access to any confidential or secret document, which shall be carefully stored in the Bank’s facilities.

Such confidentially commitment is undertaken not only during your employment with the Bank, and will remain in force on a permanent basis after employment termination.

All employment agreements are made in writing and incorporate a Non-Disclosure Agreement applicable to all business matters related to ABC Group and its clients.