The following are the responsibilities of the Bank’s Investor Relations Officer:

  • (i)disclose and communicate to CVM, BOVESPA and Stock Exchanges, immediately after being aware of any material act or fact occurred or related to the Bank’s businesses, deemed as Material Information;
  • (ii)ensure a broad and immediate dissemination of Material Information simultaneously at the Stock Exchanges and all markets in which the Bank has Securities accepted for trading, observing applicable rules, as well as investors in general.
  • The communication of Material Information to the CVM and Stock Exchanges shall be immediately made in written document, by outlining in detail the acts and/or facts occurred, indicating whenever possible the amounts involved and other clarifications.
  • The Material Information shall be disclosed to the public by means of announcement published on the newspapers used by the Bank, and the announcement may contain a summarized description of the Material Information, as long as it indicates the Internet address where the investor may find a complete description of the Material Information, in content, at least, identical to the wording forwarded to CVM and Stock Exchanges.
  • Whenever the Material Information is distributed by any means of communication, including information to the press or in meetings of professional associations, investors, analysts or selected audience, in the country or abroad, the Material Information shall be immediately disclosed to the CVM, Stock Exchanges and investors in general.
  • Any Bound Person who is aware of acts or facts, which may typify as Material Information shall immediately communicate it to the Investor Relations Officer.
  • The Bound Persons who are aware of Material Information, whenever they certify omission in the disclosure of Material Information, such omission being verified after elapsing three (3) business days of proved receipt of written communication addressed to the Investor Relations Officer, they shall communicate the Material Information directly to the CVM.
  • The Material Information shall preferably be disclosed before or after the closing of business at the Stock Exchanges. Should the Stock Exchanges be not operating simultaneously, the disclosure shall be made observing the business hours of Stock Exchanges located in Brazil.