All of us must demonstrate a high standard of professional integrity in our work.

Integrity implies that we fully deserve the confidence placed in us by our clients and employers and this is achieved when we are honest and impartial.

This means that:

  • we must always act honestly in our professional or personal affairs, so that neither one of our actions cause or may cause damage to the Bank’s reputation;
  • we must comply with the laws and regulations of all countries where we operate;
  • we must abstain from illegal, fraudulent or unethical behavior, mainly in relation to financial and/or commercial business, as well as in respect of laws and standards applicable to us;
  • we must not engage in activities that may in any way be related to or which supposedly collude with illegal or criminal activities, both inside and outside the Bank;
  • we must keep the Bank’s files and systems in such a way that all operations are promptly and accurately recorded. Do not falsify records or make them unclear. Do not omit facts or inaccurately represent them in records or communications;
  • we must give good example in managing our private business, avoiding behaviors that can make us vulnerable to financial difficulties or which may lead us to improper behaviors, such as gambling;
  • in the Bank, we must promote a policy of equal treatment of workmates without favoritism or harassment.