Why Investing in Banco ABC Brasil?

Investment Thesis

  • More than 30 years of experience in offering financial services to corporate clients;
  • Local partnership supported by a solid foreign controlling shareholder;
  • High corporate governance standards, with almost 15 years of track-record as a listed entity;
  • Optionality in expanding our the client base and our product portfolio; and
  • Incumbent player that uses technological disruption to its advantage.


“Be the partner of choice for medium and large companies, their employees, suppliers and clients, based on a tailored relationship, multiproduct offering and omnichannel service model, leveraging talents, technology and analytics to deliver superior value with sustainable business practices.”



  • To expand the number of clients and the transaction volume; and
  • To serve not only our clients, but also its stakeholders, including its suppliers, employees, and own clients.


  • To expand our product portfolio;
  • To leverage on our existing infrastructure, diluting the customer acquisition and maintenance costs, and
  • To reduce our dependence on specific business lines.


  • To use third-party channels to distribute ABC Brasil’s products; and
  • To distribute third-party products through our own channels.