Banco ABC Brasil is organized as a partnership, with the support of an international controlling shareholder


The Executive Committee is Banco ABC Brasil´s highest executive decision making forum:

  • a collegiate body composed of seven members, including the CEO and the Vice Presidents, with large experience in the financial market
  • with significant autonomy in the decision making process, and reporting to the Board of Directors
  • as a group, holds a relevant stake at Banco ABC Brasil’s capital, contributing to the alignment of long-term value creation


The Board of Directors is Banco ABC Brasil’s highest governance forum, composed of:

  • members representing the shareholders, as well as independent board members
  • executives with diverse and complementary backgrounds


Banco ABC Brasil has its preferred shares traded at B3 S.A – Brasil, Bolsa e Balcão since 2007, admitted at B3’s Level 2 of Corporate Governance, and to its Regulation, which guarantees to the preferred shareholders, among several rights:

  • the maintenance of a minimum percentage of outstanding floating shares equivalent to at least 25% of its total Capital
  • the right to be included in a public offering for acquisition of shares resulted from transfer of control, at the same terms and conditions granted to the selling controlling shareholder
  • withdraw right based on the Economic Value determined in an Valuation Report prepared by a specialized third-party institution


Employees of Banco ABC Brasil have a relevant part of their remuneration linked to performance goals, not only including their individual performance, but also that of their respective areas and the Bank’s overall profitability:

  • a relevant portion of this variable compensation is paid in the form of Banco ABC Brasil’s shares, through long-term incentive plans


Banco ABC Brasil is committed to a transparent relationship with its shareholders, research analysts, and the market in general:

  • disclosure of quarterly results, followed by conference call with the market
  • broad level of disclosure of operational and financial information
  • active coverage by equity research analysts, as well as by the main credit risk agencies, with independent opinions
  • constant participation in events and presentations, including the annual presentation at “APIMEC – Associação de Analistas e Profissionais de Investimento em Mercado de Capitais”
  • recognized as the “Best Practice and Initiative in Small/Middle Cap Investor Relations” by APIMEC – IBRI (Instituto Brasileiro de Relações com Investidores) in the year of 2020