Who We Are

Banco ABC Brasil, controlled by the Arab Banking Corporation (ABC), is a commercial bank specialized in lending and providing services for mid-size and large companies. The Bank is authorized to operate Commercial, Investment, Financial, Real Estate, FX, and Energy Trading portfolios and it also has a Cayman Islands branch.

Banco ABC Brasil’s business focuses on mid-size to large companies. ABC Brasil’s main activity is financial intermediation for transactions involving analysis and assumption of credit risks. This business is complemented by structured transactions, particularly in capital markets and M&A, for corporate finance purposes. The bank regularly arbitrages markets, rates, and currencies arising from transactions demanded by customers and proprietary positions. It adopts a conservative stance with a low-risk propensity for its credit business and treasury.

Banco ABC Brasil has a broad portfolio of products, agile decision making, and profound expertise for credit analysis, which enables it to obtain consistent results with notably low loss ratios. It is one of the few Brazilian banks featuring international control and local autonomy. Over the last 30 years, the Bank has built up a solid customer base by offering high value-added financial products tailored to their specific needs.

The decision -making process within the bank is based on committees that meet regularly to examine credit, treasury, investments, and administrative issues.

Investment in technology, risk control, and operating systems is ongoing, as well as processes improvements. Business security is an absolute priority for the Bank.