Our Culture

A company’s culture results from its beliefs, values, and rules of conduct. It works as the foundation of the company’s actions, both in its relationship with its customers and in the management of its teams.

Our culture is supported by the following values and pillars:


  • Ethics and earnest: acting according to high moral standards, establishing a relationship of transparency, trust, and respect for employees, customers, investors, shareholders, and regulators.
  • Commitment: offering the best business solutions, in line with the needs of our customers, investors and shareholders.
  • Entrepreneurship: fostering the constant search for innovations that promote growth, development, and increased efficiency.
  • Governance: using mechanisms and processes that ensure the alignment of interests of the Bank’s various stakeholders.


  • Relentless search for competence in everything we do.
  • In-depth knowledge of our market.
  • Reliability for our customers.
  • Speed in the search for appropriate and innovative solutions for each customer.
  • Commitment to good results.
  • Continuous investment in technology, systems, and processes, aiming at greater efficiency.

These pillars and values should constitute the basis of our daily lives, being embodied and lived up to by all of us. With this, we intend to:

  • Meet our customers’ demands, respecting their unique profile and needs, with effective, optimized, and creative solutions.
  • Exceed the expectations of our shareholders and employees, with efficient management committed to results and growth.
  • Contribute to the development of society with ethical and sustainable practices.