Whistleblowing Channel

Banco ABC Brasil has a Whistleblowing Channel in line with our commitment to integrity, honesty, and transparency in the conduction of its activities and businesses. These values are described in our Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct, Compliance Program and Whistleblowing Channel Policy.

It is assured the appropriate treatment of the reported events, with an impartial value judgment and protecting the whistleblower’s data, who can make the communication identificating himself/herself or anonymously.

The Whistleblowing Channel is widely disseminated to employees and available to suppliers, clients, and other stakeholders at our institutional website (https://www.abcbrasil.com.br/fale-conosco/), email (denuncia@abcbrasil.com.br), phone (+55 11 3170-2113), or correspondence. The HR department is responsible for coordinating the subject with the Integrity Committee and reporting its results to the management.